April 23, 2020

Happy World Book and Copyright Day 2020!

Hello, everyone! Today is the death of anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, and  Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. UNESCO has chosen this particular date to celebrate the World Book and Copyright Day.

I found this the perfect occasion to compile another list (you know that I love coming up with various lists). Today, as it is a day dedicated to books, I have chosen to tell you about my favourite books. If you have been following this blog, my picks will not come as a surprise to you. However, if you are a new reader, then (SPOILER ALERT) you will find a LOT of Japanese literature in there. Tell me in the comments below, which are your favourite books of all time!

So, here is my list!

01. Clout Atlas - David Mitchell

What can I say about Cloud Atlas? This book opened my horizons and changed my worldview. It is a very important book for me and I hold it very dear. It is a challenge read, however I would recommend it with no hesitation. 

Fun fact: One of my first reviews was about Cloud Atlas. Even though my writing has evolved since then, it is still one of my favourite reviews :)

02. The Lord of the Rings trilogy - J.R.R. Tolkien

One of the books of my childhood that I've come back to again and again. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an epic adventure that needs not an introduction. If you haven't already, it is time to do so! Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it's time for me to re-read it, as well! 

03. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

The classic romance that we all know and (the majority of us) loves. In fact, it is very difficult for me to choose between Jane Austen's novels, as they all touch me in different ways. I chose Pride and Prejudice only because I have read it countless times.

04. The Housekeeper and the Professor - Yoko Ogawa

I can still remember the way that I was feeling while reading this book. This was my introduction to Yoko Ogawa (maybe to Japanese literature as well) and now she is one of the authors that I read without even reading the synopsis of her books. Back then, I wasn't that familiar with the Japanese culture as I am now (I am learning Japanese fyi), but I could still understand the impact that this type of literature would have on me. I have to admit though that I find this title a bit odd. The original Japanese title, translates The Professor's Beloved Equation, which I find a more fitting title to the story.

05. Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

If I have to be honest, Never Let Me Go was the first Japanese novel I read. However, I would not classify Kazuo Ishiguro as Japanese literature. No matter if you would or not, I read this book while I was still in high school and I still remember its effect on me. It is so human and emotional. I can't recommend it enough!

06. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman

One of my favourite authors that I have still to find a book I disliked is Neil Gaiman. I am fascinated with his work an I find it inspiring. If I have to choose one of his books though, that would be The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It's dreamy, it's whimsical, and it's scary.

07. The End of the Affair - Graham Greene

Oh, how I love a desperate love affair! The End of the Affair is heart-wrenching and I loved every single word of it. It's definitely one of the most emotional books I've ever read!

08. Women in Love - D.H. Lawrence

Women in Love was an eye-opening experience for me. I consider it to be one of the books that has taught me how to feel (if that's even a thing). D.H. Lawrence uses a lot of sex in his books (we all know Lady Chatterley's Lover). However, in this book I was fascinated by the different forms and meanings that sex was expressing. The desire was never meant to be provocative - it stood for something and it enhanced the story. 

09. Kitchen - Banana Yoshimoto

Another Japanese novel that shook me and showed me how much you can convey with simple language is Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. I'm still amazed by the show, don't tell that these short stories have adopted. The result? Some of the most touching stories you'll ever read.

10. Bottle Royale - Koushun Takami

Battle Royale is brutal, there is no denying about it. For me, it is a must-read. It is full of violence and dares to look it in the eye. This book, explores human nature.

Fun fact: I have also compiled a Play(list) by the Book for this one.

Bonus #1 (Manga): Orange - Ichigo Takano

The list of my favourite books wouldn't be complete without mentioning at least one manga. From all of my favourites, I have chosen Orange because I find it special. It is a small series, with only 5 volumes. However, it's story was powerful. This manga definitely stays with you for a long time.

Bonus #2 (Graphic Novel): Watchmen - Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons

Here I am, trying to talk once again about Watchmen! It is the greatest graphic novel of all time. When I read it, I discovered that it's more than just the greatest...

Bonus #3 (Short Story): All You Zombies - Robert A. Heinlein

I'm not sure that I can talk about All You Zombies without spoiling the story. Believe me, you will get the BEST experience if you read it without having a single idea. I will only say that it is the best time-travel story of all time!

This was my list! Have you read any of these book?
Which are your favourite books?


  1. The only book I have read on this list is Pride and Prejudice. I was obsessed with it when I was younger. April 23 is quite a special day as a bookworm. I love reading all the Shakespeare quotes people post today.

    1. Yes, Pride and Prejudice is one of the first classics that someone might have read! I know, I also love all those Shakespeare quotes :)

  2. This was a really nice list, haven't read any of those (though maybe I tried Orange), but I am curious about Never Let Me Go and All You Zombies. Good luck on learning Japanese~

    1. I recommend both of them! Completely different style, though :)


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