March 24, 2018

Play(list) by the Book: Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Hello, everyone! We 're just a week before the movie release of Ready Player One, and I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!! So, what would be more fitting than digging onto the OASIS? And what a world that was! Luckily for this Play(list) by the Book, the book offered a great number of references to songs and artist, most of them from the 80's. But, this time I'm not going to advise you to sit back and relax - just GET UP AND DANCE!

As per usual, in this playlist I included every song and artist that was mentioned in the book. I have to especially mention Rush's album 2112, which I couldn't include in its entirety (although it was close), but it's really important to the story. Anyway, this was a very straightforward case, so there weren't any reference where I couldn't find anything to include. Enjoy!

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