September 17, 2018

Play(list) by the Book: The Woman who Wouldn't, by Gene Wilder

Hello, everyone! I've recently came upon The Woman who Wouldn't, by Gene Wilder and I loved it. So, I was more than happy when I realised there were enough references for a Play(list) by the Book. You see, the main protagonist in this book is a violinist, so he refers to plenty of musical pieces. Naturally, all of them are classical, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!  

This Play(list) by the Book is actually filled with masterpieces. The majority are Violin Concertos and String Quartets. I didn't include the pieces in their entirety because the playlist would have been too lengthy. Instead I chose a movement from each, so that you could get a taste of what they are like. Feel free to search for the whole pieces as well! Or, of you need any help, leave a comment below and I'll help you find the piece you're looking for.

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