April 13, 2020

Book Recommendations from K-pop MVs

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Hello, everyone! It's been a bit over three weeks since I've been in a lockdown, and so I thought that I'll try something different. I've done some lists in the past, however this is something entirely new for me. You see, I've been a K-pop fan for awhile (my radio show this season is all about K-pop - if you want to find it, it's Extra-K on Facebook, extrak.show on Instagram, and ExtraKteam on Twitter) and so I found a way to combine K-pop and books. 

In this list, I have spotted various books on K-pop music videos. I did my best to recognize the books shown. So, let's take some book recommendations from some K-pop MVs.

01. Chuu (from LOONA) - Heart Attack

Book Recommendation: Aphrodite Means Death, by John Appleby

Let's kick off this list, with a recommendation from the song Heart Attack, by Chuu who is a member of LOONA. In the music video, we can clearly see the book and it's title. It's a classic Penguin edition, even though I had never heard of this book prior to compiling this list. 

02. SHINee - Countless

Book Recommendation: The Ruby King, by David Eddings

I love SHINee! So, I was pleasantly surprised that Minho was holding The Ruby King in the MV of Countless. I haven't read this book, and I'm adding it to me TBR list 😉

03. GWSN - Puzzle Moon

Book Recommendation: Song from the Sea, by Katherine Kingsley

Puzzle Moon is a great song. In fact, there is a shot of a library, where the member of WJSN (I'm sorry, I don't know their names) picks up this specific book that you see in this screenshot. The book is none other than Song from the Sea. If you are in the mood for a historical romance, then this is the recommendation for you!

04. Jennie - Solo

Book Recommendation: Everyman's Pocket Classics - Love Stories, by Various Authors

Jennie (from Blackpink), in this video, is holding a collection of love stories. It's so fitting in the video, as this shot is shown when she sings the lyric "This is not a touching love story". 

05. BTS - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Book Recommendation: Demian, by Hermann Hesse

Ok, so in this video we can't actually see the cover of the book that RM is holding. However, in the middle of the song he recites something (luckily in English). This goes: "He too was a tempter. He too was a link to the second.The evil world with which I no longer wanted to have anything to do". This is a quote from Demian by Hermann Hesse, and so we can take this as a book recommendation. I have in fact already read this book, although it was years ago!

06. Hwa Sa - Twit

Book Recommendation: Animal Farm, by George Orwell

This book recommendation comes in the first 3 seconds of the seconds and you cannot miss the title! However, I would recommend that you give this song a listens as it is a bop. Animal Farm is another book from this list that I have already read.

07. JJ Project - Tomorrow, Today

Book Recommendation: The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger

Take a look at the frame I have included here. Do you spot anything familiar? There is no way I could ever mistake the cover of The Catcher in the Rye with any other book! It is an iconic cover that is instantly recognizable. But, as you can see JB is also holding a book. There are shots all through the video, but none of them shows that cover clearly, so I couldn't understand which one it is.

08. GOT7 - Lullaby

Book Recommendations: The Crime Writer, by Gregg Hurwitz, The Four Forces, by Jenna Rhodes, State of Emergency, by Patrick J. Buchanan, The Ninth Talisman, by Lawrence Watt-Evans

So, JJ Project from above is a sub-unit of GOT7 that we have here (I'm a fangirl and I can't hide it). In this music video (which is really energetic), JB's setting (yes, the same one as above) is that of a library room. In this shot, he goes to pick up a book and we get a close-up of the shelf. I tried to include some of the titles that I could recognize. 

09. The Rose - She's in the Rain 

Book Recommendation: Dead Poets Society, by N.H. Kleinbaum

In this shot of the She's in the Rain music video, we get to see that the protagonist of the video is holding Dead Poets Society. It's an excellent choice as I have already read it and I can't recommend it enough!

10. Ha:tfelt - Pluhmm

Book Recommendation: Northern Lights, by Nora Roberts

In this music video HA:TFELT is sitting and waiting surrounded by books. There are so many of them, but there are out of focus. I could make out though that one of them was Northern Lights by Nora Roberts!

11. S.I.S. - Always be your Girl

Book Recommendation: Heartbeat, by Danielle Steel

Always be your girl is a cute song. In one scene, the group member (I don't know their names), is trying to reach a book from the school's library, but it's high. Then, her crush steps in and helps her. I just included this book in the list, because we can later see her holding it! I wonder, how could a steamy read such as this be in a school library? 🧐

12. Nell - The Day Before

Book Recommendation: And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos, by John Berger

I close this list with a great recommendation and one that I'll surely add to my TBR list! 

So, this was my list! It was so fun compiling it! Have you read any of those books?
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  1. This is such a cool post! I don’t listen to k-pop, but have always admired the work ethic that goes into those groups.

    1. Thank you :)
      Maybe you should listen to these songs, you might find something to your liking!

  2. I love this idea! Music and books go so well together anyway. Dead Poets Society (love the movie) and Animal Farm- too cool. :)

    1. Exactly, it's the best combination! Dead Poets Society is also a great book and I heartily recommend it :)

  3. A great idea for a post - Music and books always make for a fab combination!



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