May 4, 2015

The Reading Book Post, May 4th

The Reading Book Post with all the literary news of the previous week

May the 4th be with you! I've finally settled down to routine after the short trip last weekend, in order to attend to ComicDom Con in Athens. I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I tell you this movie is thrilling! Anyway, let's see what took place in the literary world last week.

  • The 2015 Edgar Awards were announced! Among the winners were Stephen King for the best novel category for Mr. Mercedes and Gillian Flynn for the best short story category for What do you do?, which was included in the short stories' collection Rogues.

  • The final issue of the Endgame has just been published and the news are shocking. After a climactic battle, Batman and Joker are both dead. Author Scott Snyder declared that this time is for real. It's quite usual for superheroes to die in several issues and this is not the first time for Batman either. Do you believe that he will return to the DC universe in the future?

  • Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham will return to complete Miracleman after 25 years. The series will kick off The Golden Age storyline and it will continue into the unfinished The Silver Age and The Dark Age arcs. The edition has been remastered from the original artwork and it will include a lot of additional content. The first issue will be available on September 2nd.

  • Ruth Rendell, the popular crime writer, died last week at the age of 85. She left a work that includes more than 60 novels and she was the creator of the Inspector Wexford. She had also published several works under the name of Barbara Vine. Here is a list of five of her key works, that helped redefine the crime fiction.

  • Cat's Cradle, the classic novel by Kurt Vonnegut, will be turned into a TV show by IM global. The series will be developed by Brad Yonover and Elkins Entertainment's Sandi Love, who will co-exec produce. 

  • Today it's Star Wars Day! To celebrate, let's check out these amazing facts about the Star Wars books. Have you read any Star Wars books?

  • This week's quiz is a little weird. Can you tell if these children's books are real or fake? I have to admit that I couldn't believe that some of those books actually exist! I got a score of 10/15, how about you?   


  1. Batman will return, these superheroes arent allowed to die..

  2. Batman will 100% return. If it was some pointless little superhero nobody cared about they'd have a tiny chance of staying dead, but this is Batman. Batman isn't allowed to die. Marvel and DC are no George R.R. Martins, I think it's safe to say.

    I'm really interested to see how Cat's Cradle will be turned into a TV show. To be honest, the plot was kind of non-existent. It's brilliance was in Vonnegut's dark humour and the narrator's ramblings, not the tense and thrilling plot. I could see it made into an interesting, yet artsy, film, but I don't know how this could possibly be made into a TV show. Weird TV shows don't stay on air for long. In any case, I'm intrigued to see how someone could possibly turn Cat's Cradle into a TV show so I'll make sure to keep updated on the news about it.

    1. I'm also curious to see how it will turn out to be as a TV series. But it's so encouraging that they are willing to produce more weird shows than before.

  3. I don't believe for a second Batman or Joker are really dead! I know I'm late, but Happy Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you! (:

    1. I totally agree with you! They can't stay dead for a long time.


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