May 24, 2015

Play(list) by the Book: You Don't Say

Literary Playlist Play(list) by the Book created by The Reading Armchair

I'm so happy that yet another book offers me the chance to create and share with you a playlist. This is short, but the songs are all great. I hope you'll enjoy it!

And also this song that I couldn't find on Spotify.

As usual, I included all the songs that are mentioned in the graphic novel You Don't Say by Nate Powell. The only case where only an artist was mentioned, was Captain Beefheart and so I just chose a song that I like. In the graphic novel is also mentioned the song Say H, by the author's "one-piece band" Wait. There is also a mention to a band named Smut, which I haven't heard of and I didn't find anything on my research, so if you guys know something please let me know.


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