December 2, 2017

Play(list) by the Book: The Gunslinger

Hello, everyone! 

My long break from The Reading Armchair is officially over, and I'm coming back with my most favourite segment (probably), the Play(list) by the book! The truth is that this Play(list) by the Book had been created on my Youtube channel since summer, and it was available there for some, as are some other playlists that I'll be posting the following weeks.

This playlist is from the first instalment of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, called The Gunslinger. It's a fairly small one, so sit back and enjoy!

The rules for a Play(list) by the Book are the same: every song, artist, album, or lyric that is mentioned in a book is included. In the more general cases, like mention of just an artist's name, I choose a song that I feel that it fits the story the best, or simply the song by this artist that I like the most. In The Gunslinger I didn't really expect to find enough songs, but the master, indeed, found a way to mention some even in this post-apocalyptic world!

                                          Find more playlists at: Play(list) by the Book

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