Review Policy

Hello, and thank you for being interested in submitting your work for review! I truly appreciate it :)

At the moment, I am OPEN to review requests, even though I'm a bit picky, due to the workload and my never-ending reading list. However, if I accept your book, I will give it my full attention and write an honest review about it.

What I Accept

If you take a look at the books I'm usually reviewing, you will find that I read almost any genre. However, keep in mind that I'm more inclined towards adult fiction, rather than YA or children's fiction. This doesn't mean that I won't accept a YA novel - I might be a bit picky.

The genres that I prefer are:
  • Literary fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Horror
  • Romance (Contemporary and Historical)
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy

The genres that I am reluctant to read are:
  • Christian Fiction
  • Memoirs and Non-fiction (I will read it though if the topic interests me)

What Formats I Accept

I accept the following formats:
  • Physical copy
  • E-book (preferably in MOBI format)
I do not accept requests for audiobooks. I'm sorry, I have tried them but they are not working for me.

What Information you Should Include in your Inquiry

In your email, don't forget to mention the following:
  • Name and Genre of the Book,
  • The book blurb,
  • Number of pages or total word-count,
  • Publication Date,
  • When you would like the review to be posted. 

What Happens if I Accept your Book

I will read and review your book. My review will be honest, which means that I will point out both its positives, as well as its negatives. I don't use a star system on my reviews, even though I clearly state if I enjoyed a book or not. When you submit your book to me, you are accepting the possibility of getting a negative review. 

My review will be posted:
  • As a regular post, if it's a full-length novel,
  • As "Weeckies", if it's a short story,
  • In Goodreads,
  • My Twitter and Facebook page.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy! You can contact me via the contact form you will find on the footer, or via email at

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  1. Good morning. My name is Kenyon Kane ( I am requesting a review for my novel Putin's Useful Idiot - A Romance of Cultures - The Intrigue of Spies (109k words). The novel is not about Trump, it is not political. It is about a transaction in 1984 I progressed with Colonel Putin. I refer you to the Amazon review by Dan Santos, another author:

    Dan Santos reviewed Putin’s Useful Idiot: A Romance of Cultures — The Intrigue of Spies
    2 of 2 people found the following helpful
    A fantastic novel. Very entertaining! May 10, 2020
    I suppose if someone wrote a novel about combining concrete and steel to build a bridge across a river, a civil engineer would salivate at every word. You could expect the same reaction from this political scientist over Kenyon’s Kane novel; a novel I almost didn’t read because the title sounded too politically contemporary, and I pride myself in being as apolitical as possible.
    I don’t know much about the author beyond what I read in Amazon: a guy with a law degree who put together real estate deals in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Grenada. I can surmise, however, that Kenyon Kane might not be his real name, and that he knows how the Soviet Union worked as intimately as I do. And, oh yes, that he’s a hell of a writer.
    The story centers around Richard Hart, a government contractor working for the CIA on a project meant to undermine a small portion of the Soviet economy by putting together a deal that would renovate a hotel to American standards, establish the use of hard currency credit cards, and in the process provide retirement money for a number of retiring KGB operatives prior to the crumbling of the Soviet Union. Either that, or pave the way for a nuclear arms reduction treaty Gorbachev had in mind. Intricate, you say? Nah, as easy to understand as the workings of Soviet bureaucracy; but incredibly entertaining; and that’s the reader in me talking, not the political scientist.
    The novel has everything that will keep a civilian reader glued to its pages: treachery, suspense, murder attempts, honeypot Russian prostitutes, even radioactive shoe polish. It also has interesting though somewhat anachronistic characters whose lifespans extend from adulthood during World War II to still functioning political protagonists during the late 1980s. The reader will hardly notice the discrepancy in the present, first person narrative. Like I said, Kane is skilled.
    You won’t be able to finish the book in less than three sittings. And you won’t want to. These days, it’s difficult to get a hold of great writing like this. Okay, enough of a teaser. Go get the book and get truly entertained.
    Five well earned stars!

    Many thanks,
    (646) 506-8662


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