May 16, 2016

The Reading Book Post, May 16th

Hello, everyone! Another week has come, and so it's time for another Reading Book Post. Let's take a look at what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • The 2015 Nebula Award winners were announced some days ago. It's interesting that this year's awards were dominated by female writers. Moreover, the British Book Industry Awards became public. The big winner was Andrew Michael Hurley, for his novel The Loney, that was named Book of the Year and Debut Fiction Book of the Year. Finally, the Dylan Thomas Prize was awarded to Max Porter, for his debut book Grief is the Thing with Feathers.   

  • There were some sad news for the literary world the previous week. The author of Geek Love, Katherine Dunne, passed away at the age of 70. Also, the creator Darwyn Cooke passed away a couple of days ago. 

  • It's Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. In order to celebrate this anniversary Puffin will be releasing brand new covers of all of our favourite books he wrote. 

  • Are you among the ones that can't wait for the release of The Winds of Winter? Well, until we finally learn the publication date, you can read a chapter from the next instalment of A Song of Ice and Fire that George R. R. Martin gave to the public. 

  • World of Warcraft is a very popular game. Cooking in it is really big and so a new World of Warcraft cookbook, will be published this October. All the hardcore fans of the game can now try all the recipes that they are creating in the game!

  • William Faulkner is one the great classic writers. But he had another talent. drawing. You can see some of his impressive drawings, which were published between 1919 and 1921.

  • Who's Your Book Boy BFF? Take the quiz to find out! I got Tiberias "Cal" Calore VII from Red Queen. Which one did you get?


  1. Awww Roald Dahl, I think that's the perfect way to celebrate him! I got Tiberias too!


    1. Yes! And these covers are so, so beautiful! :)

  2. My book boy bff is "The Darkling" from Siege and Storm...I haven't read this book as of yet, maybe I should!

    1. I haven't read it either, but now you have a reason to :)


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