July 25, 2015

Confession Saturday: Dear Gabriel Oak

Hello, everyone! Confession Saturday is a new weekly feature, in which we will have the chance to express our feelings towards certain characters. This time of the week we will choose one character and write to him/her about all the things we would like to say. We can explain why we like or dislike each character, which of his/her actions we don't understand and generally whatever comes to mind. 

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So, last week I went to the cinema and watched Far From the Madding Crowd the adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel. I had read it a couple of years ago and I had some pretty strong feelings about the protagonists. I could easily write a letter to Bathsheba Everdene, but it would be really unpleasant. She is the most irritating character I've come across in a novel. So, I'm writing a letter to Gabriel Oak instead.

Dear Gabriel Oak,

you are truly a rare man. I cannot help but admire your good qualities. You are hard-working, patient and loyal. But, you were unlucky to lose everything and also to fall in love with Bathsheba Everdene. 

I seriously don't know why you put up with her. I understand that after she rejected you, you gave up, but fate played an ugly game against you. Not only you find yourself as her employee but you were there to witness her flirt and fall in love with other men. And to make things worse she was asking your opinion as well. Of course, when she didn't like what she heard she drove you away. But still, you helped her, you saved her farm numerous times and tolerated everything without a single word of complaint. 

Although I'm seriously irritated with Bathsheba, I have to admit that you were the only one that truly suited her. Because you didn't want to have her as a possession and wanted to let her remain independent. 

You are an admirable man, a rough diamond to be precise.



  1. A little bit random but still semi related, I love the way you write. Very eloquent!


    1. Thank you so much!It means a lot :)
      The truth is that I'm not that confident about my writing because English isn't my mother language and I always get anxious about whether I make my points clear.


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