July 9, 2015

Thursday Quotables: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Thursday Quotables! This weekly feature is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies. Every week we highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.

This week I'm going to share with a beautiful love poem from Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1924) by Pablo Neruda. A couple of days ago I finished reading Anna and the French Kiss and in this novel Etienne gives a book of Neruda's poetry to Anna. The Chilean poet has always been a favourite of mine, so I read this collection for yet another time.

In My Sky At Twilight

In my sky at twilight you are like a cloud
and your form and colours are the way I love them.
You are mine, mine, woman with sweet lips
and in your life my infinite dreams live.

The lamp of my soul dyes your feet,
My sour wine is sweeter on your lips,
oh reaper of my evening song,
how solitary dreams believe you to be mine!

You are mine, mine, I go shouting it to the afternoon's
wind, and the wind hauls on my widowed voice.
Huntress of the depths of my eyes, your plunder
stills your nocturnal regard as though it were water.

You are taken in the net of my music, my love,
and my nets of music are wide as the sky.
My soul is born on the shore of your eyes of mourning.
In your eyes of mourning the land of dreams begins. 

Have you read Pablo Neruda? Which is your favourite poem of his?


  1. That is absolutely lovely! I never think to pick up a book of poetry, but I really, really should. Thank you!

    1. Poetry is amazing! Neruda is a good start if you are of course in the mood for some poems about love :)

  2. Gorgeous! I absolutely love this phrase, "and in your life my infinite dreams live".

    1. I just couldn't pick a single line from this poem! It's so beautiful. There's no-one that can explain these feelings like Neruda :)

  3. Lovely poem. I have never been a big poetry reader and haven't read a lot, except for the ones they made me read in school :), but lately I have been reading more and liking it.

    1. There is so much to find about poetry! Of course, there are different styles and you have to find out which one suits you best. You can check out a list I made earlier this year for the World Poetry Day http://thereadingarmchair.blogspot.gr/2015/03/10-poetry-books-to-celebrate-world.html

  4. Replies
    1. I'm glad that you liked this wonderful poem :)

  5. Wow, what a beautiful poem!


    1. Yes, I can't really choose just one Neruda's poem.They are all amazing! :)


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