January 2, 2017

The Reading Book Post, January 2nd

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! Let 2017 be a more peaceful year, with lots of laughter and even more books! Anyway, let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week in the first Reading Book Post of the year.

  • JK Rowling confirmed that she is working on two new novels! The author revealed on Twitter that one of them will be under her own name, while the other will be a new Robert Galbraith detective novel.

  • Last week was, of course, a sad one. I'm talking about the sudden passing of Carrie Fisher, iconic actress and author. In case you are not familiar with her literary work you should definitely check it out! And you won't be the only one as her books hit the best-sellers' list, just after her death.

  • But last week was sad for another reason. Richard Adams, writer of Watership Down, has passed away at the age of 96.

  • John Wick is a formidable character! And now he's getting his own comic (hooray!). The comic will not be a strict adaptation of the popular movie, but it will expand the universe of John Wick. Nothing more is known about this comic, except for some concept art created by Giovanni Valletta.

  • We read it, we loved it, and now it will be adapted into a movie! I'm talking about the graphic novel Patience, by Daniel Clowes. The creator isn't a stranger to the movie industry as his previous graphic novel Ghost World was adapted in 2001, and an adaptation of his other graphic novel Wilson will be released later this year. 

  • Addicted to colouring books? Well, a new one is coming out, and I assure you, that it will be THE ultimate colouring book! What's so special about it? It's A Princess Bride colouring book, enough said.

  • Can You Identify These Emoji-fied YA Covers? Take the quiz to test yourselves! Some of them were quite easy, but I had trouble finding a couple of them! What did you do?


  1. Happy New Year! I'm so excited that JK is working on two new novels, especially since one is a Robert Galbraith one. I need more from that series!



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