October 20, 2016

Play(list) by the Book: Deadpool v Gambit

Hello, everyone! Long time, no see! But what a better comeback than with a Play(list) by the Book, one of my favourite segments of the blog. So, today we have a playlist based on all the songs and artists that were mentioned in Deadpool v Gambit. It's a really small playlist, so you'll be able to listen to it in just one sitting. Enjoy!

As usual, the rules for the playlist were the same. If a song was mentioned, it was in. If an artist was mentioned then I picked a song that I personally like. If there were certain lyrics mentioned, then I tried to find the song that they came from. Deadpool v Gambit didn't have a tricky song, so everything is included.

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  1. Destiny Child's Survivor, that is a blast from the past! Good to see you back.

    1. It's good to be back! It was totally a blast from the past! I used to sing this song all the time :)


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