February 5, 2016

Review: A Guide Through A Woman's Mind: Women, It's Time to Say What You Mean...And Mean What You Say! by Rea Unique

Title: A Guide Through A Woman's Mind: Women, It's Time to Say What You Mean...And Mean What You Say!

Author: Rea Unique

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Date of Publication: 2008

Number of Pages: 80

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.


So many relationships fail because of communication. Men seem to think that we can read their mind.

Women, if you fall into this category…Wow! The only thing that comes to me is that you are tired of him.

Girls, don’t worry. No one’s name is out in the air and you are not the only one complaining about your situation. I’m just surprised so many women are going through the same situation. Maybe this is the reason so many women are in violent domestic relationships. Is it because some men don’t know how to express their feelings or opinions, and becoming dominant is the only way they know how? I am here to tell you that do not work!!!

This book deals with relationships. It speaks words from the heart of women. This book speaks words that women find easy to discuss among each other. Words that they find hard to express with their partner and words they so desperately want to say.


There isn't a better way to express feelings and thoughts than through a good poem. Moreover, a collection of poetry, such as this one, dealing with domestic violence has every potential to be pretty powerful. Or, at least, that was what I was expecting.

A Guide Through A Woman's Mind wasn't actually about women suffering domestic violence like the summary had promised me. It told the story of a woman who lost communication with her husband and, therefore, she felt miserable about it. Now, this is also a very serious problem, but different than the one I was expecting.

Apart from my expectations, this collection of poetry told a story. Each poem added something new to the plot and revealed parts of the characters that were unknown to me before. I'm not sure if those poems are even a bit autobiographical, but I got to know this woman who cried to her partner for communication. I felt like a witness to a marriage that slowly fell apart. Moreover, I followed this woman when she was trying to decide when she should let go of a relationship that did her no good. Eventually, I realized how much courage she needed to begin again. I have to admit that I enjoyed that A Guide Through A Woman's Mind turned out to reveal its own story bit by bit.

But my enjoyment wasn't enough for this book to leave me satisfied. Sometimes, and I hate to admit that it was more often than I'd want to, the narrator seemed to me a little unfair and unreasonable. After years of living together, it's only natural not to have candlelit dinners anymore. But what I really didn't like was the frequent mention of who brought the money home. If a man were to read this collection, I'm not quite sure what he would think. Well, I understand that this is targeted to women, but still it's full of cliches.

Nevertheless, I'm sure that I would enjoy A Guide Through A Woman's Mind more if there weren't so many typos in the poems. If there were just a couple I wouldn't even mention it, but this collection needs some editing. Especially those grammatical errors really threw me off the poems!

To sum things up, A Guide Through A Woman's Mind had potential, but I was mostly disappointed. Both thematically and morphologically this collection failed to appeal to me. Read this only if you are a woman and need some poetry to read, but still keep in mind of the issues I've stated.


  1. Hmm.. Errors can make anything less enjoyable, but I feel poetry perhaps even a bit more than your average prose. Poetry is supposed to read smoothly, elegantly, and, well, poetically. Typos suck anywhere, but they just throw the entire poem out of kilter. It takes enough thought to decipher the lines without any errors.

    That's too bad that this didn't quite live up to your expectations. You have to proofread and edit your work a thousand times if you're going to publish it!

    I do like the title, though. ;)

    1. Yes, a simple proofreading doesn't take that much time! This might be the first time that I understood why it is so important to do so!


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