October 31, 2016

The Spooky Reading Book Post, October 31st

Spooky Halloween, everyone! Strange and creepy creatures walk outside tonight...Beware!

  • Sally Timms and the other members of the paranormal club visit the Slade House, in order to uncover its secret. None of them is ever seen again!

  • A young scientist named Victor gives life to a creature, doomed to be feared and alone for eternity. Frankenstein's monster is coming to seek revenge!

  • Count Dracula has left his castle!!! BEWARE! Count Dracula has left his castle! He'll come by the sea...

  • Louis Creed is ready to bury his son's cat at the Pet Sematary. Please, you have to stop him! Don't wake the dead! It won't end well...

  • The students of a random class in the future Republic of Greater East Asia are forced to kill each other. Who will be the sole survivor of this Battle Royale?

  • The "Other Mother" and "Other Father" of Coraline try to trap her in their world. Don't open the hidden doors of your houses, it's dangerous!

  • Gregor Samsa woke up today not quite as himself...He felt rather buggy! The Metamorphosis was real!

  • Giurescu has awaken with the help of Isla Haupstein! Will Hellboy set things right?

  • "The Tooth Fairy" has already killed a whole family in Alabama, and another one in Georgia. Will Dr. Hannibal Lecter help the police catch the serial killer?

This is it for today! As you've noticed this is more a horror books recommendation list, rather than the typical Reading Book Post. It will be back to normal next week!


  1. Thanks for the spooky list - I love Halloween so much!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. Me too :) It was a chance to recommend some great horror novels!


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