September 15, 2015

The Reading Book Post, September 15th

Hello, everyone! I've been silent the previous week, but now I'll make it up to you. From the next week, The Reading Book Post will return on Monday and I hope that I'll post some interesting stuff until then (reviews and the infamous new feature I've been talking to you about). But let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • Joy Harjo has been awarded the Wallace Stevens Award for her mastery of poetry. Also, the longlist for the National Book Awards is made public these days. Yesterday, the longlist for the category of Young People's Literature and today those for the category of Poetry. Lastly, the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize 2015 was announced.

  • Into the River by Ted Dawe, a coming-of-age novel, was banned in New Zealand. In protest to this, many silent readings of this novel are planned all around the country. 

  • Marvel has just announced a new superhero! It will be the first Native American superhero and he will be called Red Wolf. The series is due on December. 

  • This year Twilight celebrates its 10th anniversary. For this reason, a new edition of the famous series will be published on October 6th with bonus material. There is not yet a word as to what this bonus material will be, though. 

  • Going on a road trip? Author Leila Sales has made the ultimate road trip playlist. The cause? Her new novel, Tonight the Streets are Ours, is centered around one. Enjoy!

  • Which Jane Eyre Character Are You? Take the quiz to find out! I got Blanche Ingram, a character I never quiet liked. Which one did you get?


  1. Tbh I can't wait for the Twilight bonus material! I hope I can get my hands on it.

    1. I'm curious as well to see what this bonus material will be :)

  2. I heard about the kerfuffle in New Zealand. To be honest I was quite confused it happened there, New Zealand always seemed like a country that had its shit together. Although I'm just judging it by their rugby team and the movies filmed there so yeah. I saw the author did a reddit AMA and it seems like he's basically just milking the publicity.

    Also I'll bet you a fiver the Native American superhero will cause loads of controversy for being accidentally racist. Or maybe I'm just being cynical.

    1. I'm always surprised when I hear about some country banning a book. This is one of the issues that it's very important to deal with. I don't think that children should grow up in bubbles and banning a young adult novel it's just too much.

      Well, we do live in the times of political correctness. I would not be surprised about some people getting offended that there is a Native American superhero.

  3. I got Jane Eyre! I can get your feelings about Blanche, I did a speech as her for an assignment in Year 12 haha.


    1. Aaww that's amazing! I've always liked Jane Eyre, she wants to be treated equally and she has great courage :)


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