June 22, 2015

The Reading Book Post, June 22nd

The Reading Book Post with all the literary news of the previous week

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back in my hometown, but I'm still tired from the travelling. But let's take our weekly look at the most interesting literary news of the previous week.

  • Can reading make us happier? Bibliotherapy is not a new thing and can take many forms. What do you believe about this science? 

  • The next article is ideal for all the authors, as well as the readers who want to dig a little deeper into writing. It contains some very useful tips on how to construct a horror narrative. I found this fascinating and helpful.

  • Spiderman embraces diversity, since a mixed-race teenager named Miles Morales will wear the mask of the popular superhero. Morales has been the Spiderman since 2011, but the writer Brian Bendis confirmed that he will become officially the superhero this fall. 

  • Another superhero will return changed into the information age. The new Superman will bring a roguishness into the character of Clark Kent. In the new issue, we will learn the story of what led Lois Lane to reveal Superman's secret identity.

  • Grey was published this week. As was expected, there were many fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy who were ecstatic about it. But all these years numerous fan-fiction stories have been written about Grey's perspective of the story. In some cases, the readers prefer these versions than the E.L. James one.  

  • Knopf has confirmed that the author James Salter has died at the age of 90. Salter published his first novel The Hunters in 1957, but he gained his reputation as a novelist in 1967 with the book A Sport and a Pastime.

  • Graphic designer Daniel Britton has created a font that will bring awareness about dyslexia. There is still much miscommunication and misinformation about this learning disorder and this font shows what it is like to read with the condition.

  • Amazon has announced that from the beginning of July self-published authors will be paid according to how many pages the readers have actually read. So, if you want to help your favourite authors read as many pages of their books as you can! 
  • Artist Michael Mandiberg has created the project Print Wikipedia, for which he will transfer wikipedia into a print reference which will contain 7,600 volumes. 

  • There are a lot of quizzes about famous first lines. But this quiz is all about the second lines. Can you guess from which novel they are? 


  1. I heard about the Amazon thing and while it does seem like a good idea I do have some question (although to be honest I haven't read up on it so maybe they'll be answered). First of all, are they making people pay by the page or what? Will you have to pay to get the book and then by page on top of that? How much will go to the author? Also, surely, this is bad for authors who write shorter novels? If authors are literally paid by the page read then surely they'll just write really long novels? Maybe Amazon has a formula to average everything out and if not they need one.

    As I said though I didn't really take much of an active interest in this so if these questions are dumb forgive me. Anyhoo, great post as usual!

    1. I'm curious to see how it will work out eventually. It will be for lending services, like Kindle Unlimited and Lending Library. They indeed have a formula to normalise the font-size and the spacing, in order to be able to have an accurate page count. Well, I guess we'll see.

  2. Wow, that font that will bring awareness to dyslexia is such an amazing idea! I tutor a young girl with dyslexia, it'll be so eye-opening for everyone - create more understanding for people.

    1. It's such a common learning disability and at the same time there are many misconceptions about it. This font is revelatory.


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