November 15, 2015

Weeckies: During the Dance by Mark Lawrence

Hello, everybody! This week our short story is none other than During the Dance by Mark Lawrence. You can find it and read it for free on Amazon and you can also listen to the audiobook, read by T.O. Munro. It's a short story written on 2004, after the birth of the author's fourth child, which is very disabled. 

During the Dance is a short story about 2000 words long. But, despite its length, it manages to be a very emotional journey. Many of you might be familiar with Mark Lawrence, author of series such as The Broken Empire and The Red Queen's War. The writing style is totally different, yet it's still magnificent.                                                                                                                                             The story is about a boy and his little sister, who is able to see other people's auras in the form of tiny people. She is a very energetic girl, one that could make everybody's day and she's constantly talking about the creatures she sees, or dancers as she calls them. She can even predict things that will happen based on what these creatures tell her. But there was only one problem, she can't see her brother's dancer because he doesn't let it out.                                                                                                               
During the Dance is a story about memories, loss and embracing who you are. It's a really quick read, but one I can guarantee that it will linger on your mind for much longer. It can surely touch anyone who happens to read it, so if you have a few minutes give it a chance. It was also great to see another side of Mark Lawrence. 


  1. This sounds absolutely beautiful, plan to read it before work tomorrow - such a cool concept.


    1. Tell me what you think about it when you read it :)


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