August 8, 2015

Confession Saturday: Dear Rosie

Hello, everyone! Confession Saturday is a new weekly feature, in which we will have the chance to express our feelings towards certain characters. This time of the week we will choose one character and write to him/her about all the things we would like to say. We can explain why we like or dislike each character, which of his/her actions we don't understand and generally whatever comes to mind. 

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This week I'm writing a letter to Rosie from the novel The Rosie Project (2013). She is an interesting female character and she makes a great couple with Don. I still haven't read the second book The Rosie Effect, but my expectations are set high.

Dear Rosie,

I'm really torn between liking you and disliking you. Although you are interesting and I'd like to be your friend I can't stand the way you behave!

You are the smart type, the one that studies psychology, but you hate to act like it, I really like this fact about you. But I hate it when you act cool. No, you are not a femme fatale. You got close to Don for only a reason, to get his help in order to find your biological father. Yet there is this strange attraction, but you still insist on playing it cool. What were you thinking? That Don would get it? He needed a Wife Project, did you seriously believe that he would know how to react?

At least you got your happy ending. Or did you? I'm a little afraid of reading what happened next. Please don't make me hate you. Please!



  1. I continue to love this series, because even if I'm yet to read the book, your insights and feelings towards the character almost make me familiar with the story :)


    1. I totally recommend it! It's an odd couple story (obviously), but it's hilarious as well. If you like the Big Bang Theory, you'll definitely like Don Tillman :)

  2. I have never heard of this novel, sounds quite interesting. Lovely letter :)

    1. Thank you :)
      It's a really enjoyable and sweet book. It also is fun, so you shouldn't hesitate to pick it up!


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