June 30, 2018

Play(list) by the Book: Romancing the Beat, by Gwen Hayes

Hello, everyone! By now you know well enough that when I read a book that qualifies for a Play(list) by the  Book, I'm thrilled! I really love composing those playlists, no matter if they contain songs that I already like, hate, or I haven't heard before. So, when earlier today I picked up Romancing the Beat: Story Structures for Romance Novels, by Gwen Hayes, I was more than happy to discover that the author offered me a great playlist. This one it's sort of an '80s mix, and if you listen closely to the songs you do realise that they progress the same way as a romance story does. Anyway, sit back (or dance) and enjoy!

As I've said above, this playlist was an easy one to compose (thank you so much Gwen Hayes), because the author mentioned both the song and the title. The one song that I couldn't find anywhere was Be Near Me by the Thompson Twins. Instead, I included Hold me Now. Does any of you know this song? 

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