November 14, 2016

The Reading Book Post, November 14th

Hello, everyone! It's almost winter and I'm so happy because I can finally enjoy my time under a warm blanket with a cup of tea by my side and a good book. It's definitely the best! Anyway, let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • Lisa Gorton is sharing the Prime Minister's Literary Award 2016 with Charlotte Wood. Gorton was awarded the prize for her novel The Life of Houses, while Wood for her novel The Natural Way of Things. Furthermore, the Goldsmiths prize for books was given to Mike McCormack for his single sentence novel, Solar Bones.

  • The saddest news of the week was of course the passing of Leonard Cohen at the age of 82. Many artists paid tribute to the great poet and songwriter, but I particularly found touching the words that George R.R. Marting wrote on his personal blog

  • A never before seen poem written by Anne Frank has recently been descovered. The poem is 12 lines long, it's penned by Anne Frank and was discovered in a friendship book of the older sister of Anne's best friend. How much I'd love to read it!

  • Love Tangled? A new book set between the movie and the short film Tangled Ever After is set to be published. The author of the middle-grade novel will be Leila Howland, who had previously written the Nantucket Blue.

  • It seems like the end of the Outlander series is near. Ok, don't panic just yet as there will be two more instalments in the series. The author, Diane Gabaldon, revealed that the story will be completed in the 10th novel.  

  •  Looking for some bookish accessories to wear this season? I believe that these literary tights will be the piece of clothing that every bookworm should have in her closet! I'm definitely getting one of these!

  • Which YA Book Villain Are You? Take the quiz to find out. I got President Snow from The Hunger Games, which one did you get?

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