July 4, 2016

The Reading Book Post, July 4th

Hello, everyone! Happy independence day to all of my American friends. This is the first Reading Book Post of July and my summer reading is progressing smoothly. Anyway, let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • You all know my love for Neil Gaiman's work by now. Well, it's no surprise that I was thrilled to learn the author's upcoming projects. More specifically, his new book will be called Norse Mythology and it will be a collection of retellings of Norse stories. It will be published in February 2017.

  • Some familiar figures are appearing in new Marvel comics. On the one hand, the new villain MODAAK in 2016 Spider Gwen Annual is suprisingly similar to Donald Trump. On the other hand, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make his appearence in Civil War II: Choosing Sides which will be released on August 31. 

  • It was about time that a transgender superhero exist! Chalise will be the protagonist of the upcoming comic Alters, created by Paul Jenkins, Leila Leiz, and Tamra Bonvillain. The first issue will be available in September. 

  • We all love books! But how well do we know the history of the book? This animated video is very enlightening. I hope you'll enjoy it!

  • Have you ever wanted to write the perfect novel? I can't tell you the exact formula, but at least this survey gives some insightful pointers about which  words appear more often in the best-sellers. 

  • Infographic: CSI: Poetry. Ever wonderhow much all of those famous poets lived and what caused their death? Well, in this infographic you can learn many interesting facts about the deaths of the poets per century. 

  • You can now read for free the 2 first issues of Double Take's Z-Men online! A print collenction of the whole series will be available in September.

  • Can You Guess Whether These Lyrics Are Shakespeare or Hip Hop? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. I warn you, it's not easy!


  1. I only got 3 out of 10 on the quiz! It was really interesting, though.

    I'm also very amused that my Prime Minister is going to be in a comic! I'll have to give it a read.

    Wren @ http://fortheloveofbooksreviews.blogspot.ca/

    1. This was a tough quiz! It was so unexpected that Trudeau would be in a comic! :)

  2. That quiz was pretty hard! I'm not sure if Shakespeare sounds like hip hop or hip hop sounds like Shakespeare lol!

    1. I had a hard time myself! Isn't it odd that hip hop lyrics would be so similar to Shakespeare?


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