December 21, 2015

The Reading Book Post, December 21st

Hello, everyone! It's only four days until Christmas and, honestly, I can't wait! I like spending this day with my family and this year in particular I'm in the mood for this holiday season. Anyway, let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • The poet Allen Prowle has returned the award money he received when he got the 2015 Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry in Translation due to allegations of plagiarism. He had received the award for his translation of Johnson Brothers Ltd by Rutger Kopland.

  • You can now read an exclusive excerpt of Kerry Kettler's upcoming novel, The First Time She Downed. The book is due in March 2016. You can also see a preview of Allen: Son of Hellcock, written by Will Tracy and Gabe Kopolwitz and features art by Miguel Porto. The Z2 comic is now available!

  • A homeless man in France has written his memoirs about the 27 years he has spent on the streets of Paris. The book is called Je Tape La Manche: Une Vie Dans La Rue (My Life as a Panhandle: A Life on the Streets) and has sold nearly 50,000 copies. 

  • A recent survey by Vervesearch has shown that the bestselling books have increased in length by 25% over the last 15 years. Isn't that great?

  • Did you like The Martian? Andy Weir has revealed that his next novel will take place on the Moon, will feature a female protagonist and we should expect it either in late 2016 or early 2017. I can't wait!

  • A very rare watercolour illustration of a Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale has been sold at an auction. The illustration was created by Key Nielsen in 1923 and it shows the nightingale that sings for the Emperor of China. Isn't it beautiful?

  • Margaret Atwood will write in collaboration with Johnnie Christmas the new graphic novel Angel Catbird. The graphic novel will be about a very unusual superhero who is part cat and part bird and it will be released in the fall of 2016. 

  • Now that the end of 2015 is approaching you will see many lists about the best books of the year. Here is a list of the best book covers of 2015 according to The New York Times. Some of those covers are really impressive!

  • Which Studio Ghibli Female Character Are You? Take the quiz to find out! I got Shizuku Tsukishima from the film Whisper of the Heart and I couldn't be happier. Which one did you get?


  1. The book from the man in Paris seems very interesting! I'm sure it's beautiful! Those book covers are fantastic, I love this time of year when all the lists come out!

    1. The book from the man in Paris sounds interesting! I might practice my French a little haha.

      I like reading all those lists this time of year :)


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