October 5, 2015

The Reading Book Post, October 5th

Hello, everyone! October is here at last! This month will be the one that will bring a lot of changes in my life. I might be a little absent lately, but I promise that I'll try to write as much as I can. Anyway, let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • Kirkus has announced the finalists for the literary prizes. The winners will become known on October 15, in a ceremony which will take place in Austin, Texas. Also, the shortlist of the Goldsmiths Prize 2015 has been announced. The winner will be announced on November 11, 2015.

  • Exciting news for writers/comic book artists! Mark Millar is funding a competition, in which the writers and artists are called to write scripts with his characters. The winners will get paid Marvel and DC starter rates.

  • Sad news for the literary world. The Swedish author and playwright Henning Mankell passed away at the age of 67. He was well known for the creation of the Inspector Kurt Wallander. Some books of the series include Faceless Killers and The Fifth Woman.

  • Tor Books is celebrating its 35th anniversary. For this reason, they revealed their new logo design.

  • Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle is getting a sequel. It's called Truly, Madly Famous and it will be published on October 13, 2015. For those of you who can't wait, you can read right now an excerpt from the upcoming novel.

  • The Martian (one of the most anticipated films for me in 2015) is out in the theaters. Gearge R. R. Martin has written about our long obsession with Mars. Amazing!

  • Another fantasy writer has big news this week! Patrick Rothfuss has announced on his blog that he has sold the rights for a TV series based on The Kingkiller Chronicles. What awesome news! I can't wait!

  • Can you guess the reason these books were banned? Take this quiz to find out, some of the reasons are really shocking! Which Literary Monster Are You? Take the quiz and let me know of the results. I got Medusa. That's interesting.. 


  1. Exciting quiz! I got Dracula! And to think I cannot stand the sight of blood!

    1. Nevertheless, Dracula is a very interesting creature :)

  2. The reasons those books are banned are insane!!!


    1. Aren't they? And it's still happening! It's insane!


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