September 5, 2015

Confession Saturday: Dear Victor Frankenstein

Hello, everyone! Confession Saturday is a weekly feature, in which we will have the chance to express our feelings towards certain characters. This time of the week we will choose one character and write to him/her about all the things we would like to say. We can explain why we like or dislike each character, which of his/her actions we don't understand and generally whatever comes to mind. 

This Saturday I'll be writing to Victor Frankenstein, the science student and creator of the well-known monster from the novel Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley. I have to admit that I don't like him that much and I'll explain all of my reasons in the letter below.

Dear Victor Frankenstein,

you are irresponsible! You had a hypothesis and you wanted to test it, but you weren't willing to deal with the consequences. You managed to give life to a new body, thing which is admirable when it's studied alone. But instead of protecting this creature and guiding it, or even trying to figure out what to do with it, you decided to just ignore it, let it flee and go on with your life. You only didn't consider one little detail: this creature had feelings and thoughts. He was like a baby and would learn anything that you would judge fit to teach him. 

Another thing you didn't consider at all was what would this creature do when it would be given its new life. This was something that you should have planned carefully before the experiment. It was only natural that no-one would accept it and that it would have to face racism and discrimination, even hatred. And when eventually these things happened you weren't there to take his side.

Are you still surprised that he wanted to hurt you? I consider it a good thing to try new experiments and have science move on, but sometimes you just have to be ready to deal with the consequences. In this case, you didn't handle well at all. This is the reason why it turned out as it did. Would you abandon a child? Probably not, then why should you abandon your own creation? It came in this world without its own will and this world neither understood him nor wanted him. That wasn't fair.



  1. Woww..!! I loved this got out all your angst and anger in this letter. You scolded him well. Great work!

    1. Haha I know, but I just needed to describe all of my feelings! He is the one responsible for everything!

  2. "It came in this world without its own will and this world neither understood him nor wanted him" - your writing - just so, so eloquent! :)


    1. Thank you so much! Actually this is the phrase that characterises the whole novel for me :D


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