August 24, 2015

The Reading Book Post, August 24th

Hello, everyone! The lucky number for the Classics Club Spin is 5. So, from my list, I'll have to read Daniel Deronda by George Eliot until October 23. I'll better start reading it soon. Also, the next themed read will be (most probably) books adapted to/from video games. If you have any suggestions please let me know. But, let's see what happened in the literary world the previous week.

  • The Hugo Award Winners 2015 were announced. Among the winner is the Chinese Author Cixin Liu for the novel The Three Body Problem. Note: why so many No Award this year?

  • Are you as excited as I am about The Girl in the Spider's Web, the new installment of the Millenium series? If yes, you can now read an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming novel.

  • We are only two months away from the publication of The Slade House, the now David Mitchell novel. The UK cover was revealed and it's absolutely stunning. Also, if you're a twitter user look out because the author will begin a new twitter story from one of the characters of the new novel, which will lead to The Slade House.

  • The University of Texas has acquired the archives of the novelist Kazuo Ishiguro. The archives cost the university a little over a million dollars and they include a discarded first chapter of the novel The Remains of the Day.

  • Morrissey has decided to write a novel. Its title is List of the Lost and it will be published at the end of September. The exact date of publication will be made public later this week. 

  • Can you Guess Which Numbers are Missing from These Book Titles? Take the quiz to test yourself! Also, Which Coming-of-Age Novel Should you Read This Fall? Find out from this quiz. I should read The Vacant Swing by B.N. Henry. What did you get?


  1. As I have said earlier, I love these posts and wait for these :)
    And Daniel Deronda by George Eliot....well, I hope you enjoy it and post your review once you are done. How am I to say this....but I have not read a single book from Eliot :( :| But, I do have The Mill on the Floss and Middlemarch from this author and I will be picking one of these pretty soon.
    Also, I tried 'what coming of age novel I should read quiz' and I too got 'The Vacant Swing' :)


    1. I haven't read anything by George Eliot, as well and I'm anxious. To be honest, I'm a little intimidated because it's a heavy tome. But I know the story and I hope I'll enjoy it. And, of course, I'll review is.
      I didn't know The Vacant Swing, but it seems a pretty interesting book :)

  2. I got Two Across by Jeffrey Bartsch - seems pretty interesting! Have a good week! :)


    1. This sounds interesting, as well! I like coming-of-age novels when they are done nicely.
      Have a great week :)

  3. So what is Daniel Deronda supposed to be about? I've never even heard of it! Apparently there are quite a few titles I'm not familiar with though because I only managed 6/10 on the 'missing numbers' quiz.

    It always astounds me that there are still some so-called classics that I've never even heard of before. Are they more cult classics perhaps?

    1. There are too many of them to know them all! I find that out in all these type of quizzes (although I did pretty good in this one, 8/10).

      Daniel Deronda is the last novel written by George Eliot and deals with many things. It goes against the "morals" of the British aristocracy and Daniel Deronda tries to find out more about his Jewish ancestry.


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