August 14, 2015

Play(list) by the Book: Funny Girl (Comedy Edition)

Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to be able to do another Play(list) by the Book. This one is unique, as the playlist includes comedians, comedy series and radio shows. Naturally, the videos are longer, but they are really funny. Most of them are from the 1960's and I learnt many things while researching for the creation of the playlist. Enjoy the comedy edition of Play(list) by the Book

Similarly to the previous playlists I included every comedian, comedy series, radio shows and talk shows mentioned in the novel Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. Some series were named in the novel, such as I Love Lucy, Lucy in London and Till Death Us Do Part. But other series I have chosen are because they star one of the actors/actresses mentioned by the author. I tried to include series from the 1960's, in order to remain true to the time of the novel. You will excuse my decision to include Robin Williams' interview in Parkinson talk show, he's much missed. 

This playlist is ideal for all the comedy lovers. Enjoy!

Previous Play(list) by the Book here


  1. I've bookmarked this to start watching after I finish my assignment tonight! Haha I'll be in the mood to have a laugh after that for sure! Still in love with this idea!


    1. I love all of my weekly features! Although this is a more irregular one, I have to confess that it has a special place in my heart. This is a unique playlist, it's full of 1960's British comedy (mostly). I hope you'll enjoy it :)


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