April 2, 2015

Play(list) by the Book: Battle Royale

Playlist with all the songs mentioned in the novel Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

After the playlist I had created for The Bone Clocks (which you can listen here) I've been wanting to make a new one. Battle Royale offered me another chance to share with you all the song mentioned in the novel. Shuya, one of the main characters, is into rock music which is a forbidden genre for the fictional country he lives. All the song are mostly classics, well-known and beloved. It's a smaller playlist than the previous one, but nonetheless enjoyable.

As in The Bone Clocks, some artists were just mentioned by their name and not a particular song. In those cases, I simply chose one that I like. In this particular playlist are the songs by The Blues Brothers and Lou Reed.

Born to Run is an extremely important song for this book, so I would advise taking a good listen to it especially if you are interested in reading it!



  1. Great playlist! I haven't read the book but you've got some really good songs there, especially Take A Walk On The Wild Side. I think that's one of the few songs where an artist managed to pull off rhyming the same word.

    1. Thank you! I actually like most of the songs in this playlist and I'm listening it while I'm writing the review.
      Take A Walk On The Wild Side is an amazing song.

  2. Hello, found your blog on goodreads:)
    I love the whole playlist idea, and the songs you have are really nice.I am thinking about doing a playlist for my book too, :) xx

    1. Thank you very much :)
      I enjoy a lot when I have the chance to make this kind of post. It's a good idea to create one for your book too!


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