April 8, 2015

Info on The Gracekeepers

Although I'm in the middle of the Japanese theme, I received this book via NetGalley and it seems so amazing that I simply had to read it straight away. So I will make a small exception and review The Gracekeepers first and then I will continue with The Woman in the Dunes.

Information on the novel The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

Title: The Gracekeepers

Author: Kirsty Logan

Publisher: Harvill Secker

Date of Publication: May 7th, 2015

Number of Pages: 304


The sea has flooded the earth. North lives on a circus boat, floating between the scattered islands that remain. She dances with her beloved bear while the rest of the crew trade dazzling and death-defying feats for food from the islanders. However, North has a secret that could capsize her life with the circus.

Callanish lives alone in her house in the middle of the ocean, with only the birds and the fish for company. As penance for a terrible mistake, she works as a gracekeeper, tending the graves of those who die at sea. What drove her from home is also what pulls her towards North.

When a storm creates a chance meeting between the two girls, their worlds change. They are magnetically drawn to one another, and the promise of a new life. But the waters are treacherous, and the tide is against them. 

About the author

Kirsty Logan is a writer based in Glasgow. Her first book, The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales, is a short story collection and The Gracekeepers is her first novel.
Learn more about her on her personal site.


  1. This book has such a great premise! Even though loads of other authors have done books about flooded worlds, this one seems totally unique. I'd say it'll probably be pretty slow, but my guess is that it's really well written. The cover is beautiful too. I can't wait to see what you think of this one!

    1. I'm halfway through it and I'm not disappointed! The cover is amazing! But you'll learn more in the review.

  2. Woah this book sounds different! I'm making it a goal to read different books, so adding this to my tbr :)

    new follower!!

    1. It's definitely worth it! It surprised me very pleasantly and I hope you'll enjoy it too :)


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