March 23, 2015

The Reading Book Post, March 23rd

The Reading Book Post with all the literary news of the previous week

I can't believe how quickly the weeks pass! It's almost the end of March, but it's still rainy here. While waiting for the spring to finally come, let's see what happened in the literary world the past days.

  • Let's start with some award news, as usual. The National Book Critics Circle announced the winners of the Awards in 9 categories. Moreover, the shortlist for the Kate Greenaway Medal were made public, a unique award since it deals with illustrated books. The illustrations in some of those books look absolutely amazing!

  • A new book by Stephen King! I know you're not surprised, but this one is a collection of short stories. Before each story, the author will write an introduction, in which he will explain how and why he wrote it. It will be a great way to get insight on the writing process that King follows. The book is called The Bazaar of Bad Dreams and it'll be published November 3rd.

  • Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire rejoice! There is strong hope that the sixth book of the series Winds of Winter will be soon completed. George R. R. Martin admitted on his personal blog that he will not attend any conventions unless he completes and delivers the long-awaited novel.

  • Harry Potter fans now get the chance to see the Hogwarts Express in the Warner Brothers Studios. It's a 78-years-old train, who was rescued in 1997 and was repainted to be the train we watched in the movies.

  • Two final works of Terry Pratchett will be published later this year. A Discworld novel named The Shepherd's Crown, although there is not yet a fixed date of publication. The second novel will be published in June and it's called The Long Utopia.

  • The Doctor Who script City of Death by Douglas Adams will be turned into a novel by James Goss. The author has already written two other Doctor Who novels. The book will be published by BBC Books on May 21st.
  • Nick Cave has a new book. To be precise, an epic poem called The Sick Bag Song, in which he describes his travels with his band across the United States. The book can be found only on the official website,

  • It's the time for the last and fun post of the week: Which Kind of Reader Are You? To find out take out this quiz. I got Altruistic Reader.  


  1. I'm a polygamist reader. I already knew that, though LOL. I usually have half a dozen books in progress, with a pile of TBRs calling my name.

    I listen to audiobooks while I'm cooking or driving. I don't like wasted time, and time spent reading is never wasted.

    1. Haha I understand! I always have a couple of books reading the same period!


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