March 14, 2015

Info on The Buried Giant

Title: The Buried Giant

Author: Kazuo Ishiguro

Publisher: Knopf

Date of Publication: March 3rd 2015

Number of Pages: 336


The Romans have long since departed and Britain is steadily declining into ruins. But at least, the wars the once ravaged the country have ceased. Axl and Beatrice, a couple of elderly Britons, decide that now is the time, finally, for them to set off across this troubled land of mist and rain to find the son the have not seen for years, the son they can scarcely remember. They know they will face many hazards - some strangw and otherwordly - but they cannot foresee how their journey will reveal to them the dark and forgotten corners of their love for each other. Nor can they forsee that they will be joined on their journey by a Saxon warrior, his orphan charge, and a knight - each of them, like Axl and Beatrice, lost in some way to his own past, inexorably toward the comfort, and the burden, of the fullness of a life's memories.

Listen to Kazuo Ishiguro discuss his new novel:

And hear an extract of The Buried Giant:

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